About us

The Educational Group NEA GNOSI  proceeds to the creation of the Maritime College of Athens with the exclusive cooperation of the Institute of International Nautical Studies, creating the PG.Dip. Shipping Management Programme, which will be available from the current 2015-2016academic year.

The Maritime College of Athens is a member of the Nautical Institute of London. They share the same vision of quality education, leading to the ultimate specialization in Shipping Management.


About Maritime Industry

Ocean Shipping is the basic modulator in the international trade industry; it controls about 90% of its volume. The largest percentage of global shipping belongs to the Greeks so the executives have to cope with the demands of a competitive and profitable sector. The branch of shipping and transport includes a variety of activities, ranging from maritime knowledge about the ship and the management of resources of a shipping company to more complex functions relating to chartering and ship insurance. This programme analyzes all the functions of the departments of a shipping company and introduces the postgraduate student to a free market and the prospects for a career beyond the economic and geographical boundaries of Greece.

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