MLC Certification

MLC Certification


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Nautical Studies

The Maritime Labour Convention is a text which regulates employment, the quality of life, the obligations and the rights of seafarers and ship-owners. It also  regulates the manner and supervision obligations of each member who has signed it. This program offers a combination of both presentation and theoretical analysis of the realities the contract produces as much as (and perhaps more importantly) the instrumentalization of this knowledge, by making the transition from theory to practice.

The program aims to specialize  trainees in the reality formed by  the MLC in the management of the ship’s personnel, on the rights of seafarers and obligations of ship-owners. Essentially, it aims to analyze and assist in the practical implementation of the MLC.

Thus the graduate will be able to


  • The rights of the workers (on board) in the shipping industry.
  • The obligations of ship-owners, the operation and organization resulting from the MLC.


  • The working conditions which the MLC delimits on board.
  • The obligations / rights regarding recreation, accommodation and feeding set by the MLC.
  • The rights / obligations regarding healthcare and insurance, resulting from the MLC.
  • The procedures and requirements for starting labour relations and payroll issues as defined by the MLC.
  • The obligations regarding monitoring and implementation as defined by the MLC.

He / She will be capable of:

  • Effectively applying the law in relation to payroll issues, vacation, time schedules.
  • Understand the priorities and the limits the MLC sets to the shipping industry.
  • See the applicability of the MLC and its use as a means of dispute resolution.
  • Understand and apply different policies related to recreation, accommodation and feeding of the crew.
  • Design and effectively implement strategies for full control of the implementation of the MLC.


Aims and objectives of the program

In this module, the effective ways and methods for the effective implementation of the MLC are studied. Since 2006 the International Labour Organization (ILOs) has adopted the Maritime Labour Convention and has formed a new reality in labour relations and the minimum living conditions that need to be provided to each employee (on board)  in the Maritime Industry.

The MLC creates new legal provisions but also updates and includes older ones, like the conventions for the age limits, equal payroll, discriminations in employment and professions etc.

By analyzing these data we aim to understand the reality shaped by the MLC and the practical ways in which it is  implemented, in the different fields it refers to. More specifically, the program aims to create the right conditions for the emergence of best practices and explain and define the procedures and obligations created by the MLC, regarding the provided quality of life on board, the working conditions and the medical care the crew is entitled to.

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