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February 1, 2016
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Nautical Studies

PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping – Maritime Studies

What is the PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping – Maritime Studies

The PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping is a postgraduate programme of professional specialization of all the maritime activities of a shipping company and the skills required by the office managers or sea masters to promote their vision and the company’s goals.

It is also a powerful tool in the hands of graduates which prepares them to handle any position of responsibility in a company, in shipping or transport.



Benefits of possessing a PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping - Maritime Studies

The graduate, after completing the program in Shipping, becomes a value with multiple benefits for every company or organization that he or she will work for.


He / She knows

  • The diversity of the charter market and how to efficiently satisfy the charterer’s needs.
  • The methods of human resources management of a shipping company, either in the office or on board.
  • Shipbuilding characteristics and stevedoring at ports.
  • The operation of combined transport services.

He / She understands

  • The marine insurance practice and its function in a political and economic context.
  • How to provide logistics services at all stages of freight transport.
  • The organization and structure of shipping companies.
  • The functions and requirements of a ship in relation to supplies and manpower.


He / She is capable of

  • Calculating charter costs in the modern market.
  • Filling in necessary forms and shipping documents.
  • Organizing the various stages of a supply chain.
  • Effectively administering the department officials or a multinational crew of a maritime company.

Who Should Attend

The Post Graduate Diploma in Shipping is addressed to managers of shipping companies who wish to improve their maritime knowledge and work in other departments than the ones they are serving now,  to  Merchant Marine officers who intend to continue their careers as senior executives in the shipping business and to those who wish to work in the shipping industry coming from various professional and academic areas, such as lawyers, economists, engineers, naval architects, sociologists, political scientists etc. , and young people who want to pursue a career in shipping.

The Specialization Diploma in Shipping is addressed to all those who seek:

  • a job with prospects
  • change of professional direction
  • certification of their experience in the shipping industry through obtaining Certified and Specialized knowledge

Who can apply to study in Shipping in MCA:

  • graduates of domestic or foreign universities.
  • Employees / Executives / Freelancers / Entrepreneurs.
  • Students and Graduates of Merchant Marine Academies.
  • Officers of the Merchant Marine, the Navy and the Hellenic Coast Guard
  • Graduates of Vocational Training relevant to the field, and high school graduates with at least 2 years of working experience.

Why choose Shipping:

  • Significantly higher financial emoluments
  • Prospects of development
  • Variety of work fields
  • Working abroad
  • Constant alternation – no routine

What does Shipping require?

  • Foreign Languages
  • Constant updating
  • Flexibility
  • Ambition
  • Dedication
  • Attention to detail
  • Love and passion for the sea !!!

Why Study the PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping - Maritime Studies at the Maritime College of Athens?

The Maritime College of Athens was established with the exclusive collaboration of the Institute of International Nautical Studies and it created the Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping Management.

The Maritime College of Athens is also a member of the Nautical Institute of London and they share the same vision for quality maritime education.


The Maritime College of Athens excels because:

  • It has its Headquarters in Athens – the heart of Maritime Industry.
  • It has Experienced Instructors in the field of the Maritime industry.
  • It Applies Innovative Teaching Methods.
  • It provides lessons through distance learning (e-learning), in its facilities, or both.
  • It has Valid and Reliable Partnerships in Greece and Internationally.
  • It Provides Valid and Modern educational material.
  • It gives the opportunity for learning foreign languages ​​at special prices.

The Modules of the PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping - Maritime

The PostGraduate Diploma in Shipping consists of eight modules and a dissertation, which the student can either participate in at the facilities of the Maritime College of Athens every Saturday, or through distance learning. The distance learning programme can be taken by people who are outside Athens or abroad, such as Commercial Navy officers.

  • Chartering & Marine insurance
  • Shipping Management, Shipping Finance
  • Transport Organization & Logistics
  • Leadership & Decision Making in Shipping
  • Maritime Resource Management
  • Business Communication in Shipping
  • International Maritime Regulations
  • Environmental Protection Policy
  • Research Methodology and Dissertation

MCA Partnerships

  • The Nautical Institute is an international organization based in London representing maritime professionals in 115 countries. It offers nautical training programs, setting the professional qualifications and research standards worldwide.
  • The Institute of International Maritime Studies is an educational organization that provides independent professional specialization programmes for professionals and shipping companies in cooperation with seven public universities.

Additional Certification in Shipping

Alongside the Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping, students can be certified by the Institute of International Nautical Studies in another 35 programmes in the maritime field. These programmes are also available to external professionals and students.

Certifications are provided in the following areas:

  • MLC – Maritime Labour Convention
  • ISM – International Safety Management Code
  • ISPS – International Ship & Port Facility Security Code


What is Shipping

Close Maritime Sector


  • Ocean Shipping
  • Liner Shipping
  • Short Sea Shipping
  • Passenger Shipping
  • Cargo Ships
  • Lifeguard – Tugboats
  • Commercial Yachts


Broader Maritime Sector


  • Shipyards
  • Banks
  • ClassificationSocieties- P & I Clubs
  • Research in a research institutions
  • Service Providers / Consultants
  • Representation of related products
  • Feeding – Spare Parts – Machinery



International Shipping

  • Consists of 90% of International Trade.
  • Is the most secure and cost-effective means of transport.
  • Produces an annual income of more than € 160 billion (that is to say 5% of the global economy)


Greece and Shipping

  • Shipping currency amounted to €12 billion in 2013.
  • The proceeds from shipping exceeded even those from tourism (€10.3 billion).
  • In the last decade, Greek shipping has contributed €140 billion in proceeds (3.5 times more than the EU
  • Community Support Packages of the same period).
  • Greek-owned fleet: 3,110 ships (15% of the world fleet with a capacity over 1000tn)
  • Invested Greek capital in ship purchases: 5.5 billion in first half of 2014 (the first worldwide)
  • Companies associated with shipping: 900
  • Employed executives: 12,500 people

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