Scientific Seminar 03.19.2016 – Photographs

Scientific Seminar 03.19.2016 – Photographs

The Scientific Educational Conference of the 5th Regional Administration of the Port – Hellenic Coast Guard on “Refugee and Migration Flows in the European Union”,  successfully took place in the city of Patras on Saturday 19/3/2016 with the broad participation of the Officers and the Commissioned Officers of the Port- Hellenic Coast Guard., the Security Forces, the Army and the Air Force, as well as citizens.

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This important event was initiated by  the commander of the 5th Regional Administration -Hellenic Coast Guard,  Commodore  Stamatios Kalogeiton, who also pointed out, at the beginning and the end of the conference, the activity of the Headquarters  of the Coast Guard , both in National and Local level. During the main lecture, he extensively spoke of the Applications and Management Policies of Diversity in services and Government organizations that ought to exist in order to handle, effectively, focusing on the people and their dignity, the refugee and migration flows both in our country and the rest of Europe.

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Next, the Harbour Master of Patras, Captain Trifon Korontzis talked about tackling organized crime at the port of Patras and especially the case of illegal immigration. Then Professor I. Pachoundakis talked about the tools of Diversity Management which ought to be used for positive results, for the benefit of the society.

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Professor P. Manolakos talked about the Greek experience, Europe and Islam. The Research Director of the independent International Maritime Organisation Institute of International Nautical Studies Ms. Jenny Pavlakou spoke of the ways and methods of Crisis and Crowd Management and awarded the title of Inspector of the MLC Institute of International Nautical Studies to Commodore St. Kalogeitona, who in turn, gave her the escutcheon of the 5th Regional Administration of the Port – Hellenic Coast Guard for the Institute of International Nautical Studies and the promise to create an institutional and permanent training of the Port staff and the Security Forces with the broad participation of Educational Institutions and Universities.

Afterwards,  Professor E. Amanatidis, Director of KEK Patras, emphasised on the opportunities for Education – Training of executives at the KEK of the University of Patras. In the last lecture,  given by Professor E. Spyrou, the Diversity management and how it can be used as a Policy and design tool for the integration of diversity, was stressed. In between the conference, the rapporteurs were awarded honorary diplomas for their participation in the conference. Curators of the event were the members of the 5th Regional Command of the Port – Hellenic Coast Guard.